During October 23-27, Haitian Group held a grand Factory Open Day for Overseas Customers in its Ningbo headquarters. Nearly 300 overseas customers and guests from 16 countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, the Republic of Korea, and India, gathered in Ningbo to enjoy a feast of intelligent manufacturing and admire the original heritage and technological innovation of Haitian.

At the welcome ceremony, the Factory Open Day Tour officially kicked off.

In Haitian Digital Experience Center, the guests learned about Haitian’s development history, brand story, industrial distribution, future development, corporate culture, and sustainable development strategy in detail, and fully felt the achievements of “Digital Haitian”.

In the Intelligent Equipment Gallery, the fifth-generation product matrix of Haitian Plastics Machinery showed the guests the core strengths and diversified application scenarios of its new benchmarks for a new generation of energy-saving intelligent injection molding equipment. In addition, the latest products of Haitian Precision, Haitian Die Casting, Haitian Laser Machinery, as well as the one-stop intelligent manufacturing solutions of Haitian Smart Solutions, were also on display, giving the guests a deep understanding of Haitian Group’s perfect layout, system integration capabilities and intelligent manufacturing solutions in the field of machinery and equipment.

Quality and excellence are inseparable from strong manufacturing strength. During the factory tour, in the workshops of Haitian’s various business divisions, the guests immersed themselves in the intelligent manufacturing process, technology and efficient manufacturing system of Haitian. Here, advanced processing equipment, highly automated production processes, ubiquitous quality control and lean management provide quality assurance for the excellent performance of Haitian products, so that they can meet different needs of customers easily. At the same time, the guests witnessed the completion of an 8,800t super large injection molding machine on site, and spoke highly of Haitian’s excellent manufacturing strength.

With the end of the tour, the Factory Open Day for Overseas Customers came to a successful end. In the future, Haitian will continue to provide high-quality equipment support and comprehensive quality assurance for global customers and partners with its strong technical support and perfect manufacturing strength, so that “Haitian Machinery” will be able to explore new territories in the global market and continue to gain new vitality.