Backed by its experience to shape smart manufacturing

To better respond to the transformation and modernization needs of the manufacturing industry, on June 18, 2021, Haitian Group announced the establishment of a new company – Ningbo Haitian Smart Solutions Technology Co., Ltd. Haitian Group President Zhang Jianming, Haitian Group Vice President Zhang Jianfeng, Haitian Group Vice President Zhang Bin, Haitian Smart Solutions General Manager Zhang Jianbo and other executives attended the establishment ceremony.

As a new business under Haitian Group, Haitian Smart Solutions will focus on identifying the various needs of manufacturing enterprises for digital transformation and providing flexible, efficient and cost-effective smart manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Three business units with holistic service

At the ceremony, Haitian Group President Zhang Jianming and Haitian Group Vice President Zhang Bin each delivered opening speeches, setting high expectations for the development of Haitian Smart Solutions. They encouraged the Haitian Smart Solutions team to always act from the perspective of customer needs to create a holistic management system for manufacturing equipment and provide better services to customers.

Then Zhang Jianbo, General Manager of Haitian Smart Solutions, introduced the main business under the philosophy of “Connectineers for intelligent factories”. Haitian Smart Solutions will feature three business divisions: Smart Factory Planning, Auxiliary Equipment, and Information Systems. The production and decision-making process of manufacturers are comprehensively covered by these three areas and will be complemented by holistic digital service approach.

The establishment of Haitian Smart Solutions, based on the long-standing manufacturing experience of Haitian Group, is a milestone for the future development of the entire Group and enables the full potential of each Haitian Group industry based on far-reaching synergies.

As a new comprehensive service platform for intelligent manufacturing, Haitian Smart Solutions will steadily expand its scientific and technological research and development, and successively develop its core technology. “Through technology and services, we will help manufacturing companies improve quality and efficiency, digitally transform enterprises, and create a new paradigm of the smart manufacturing factory.