On July 2, Haitian Eastern Operation Center Southeast China officially opened in Dongguan, which is not only an important step for Haitian to consolidate the layout of South China and deeply cultivate regional development, but also will bring high-standard and high-quality products and services to local customers and actively empower the industry.


Haitian Eastern Operation Center Southeast China, opened and operated by Haitian Plastics Machinery Group South China Company, is located in the core circle of high-speed logistics in Dongguan. The Center is built into a three-floor single comprehensive building integrating sales, application, service and office, with a total area of 1,500m2. The first floor is mainly used for the machine exhibition, customer training, mold testing, the second floor is used for popular sample display, conference, training and office and the third floor is used for both comprehensive services and product applications. At the same time, the Center is equipped with a green screen live streaming room to meet all kinds of live streaming activities and create a new model of the traditional machinery industry.

In addition to the hardware configuration, the Center has a professional application engineer team to fully meet the diversified customer needs from pre-sales technical support to in-sales and after-sales service.

At the opening ceremony, leader representatives including Shen Li, General Manager of Haitian Machinery Guangdong Co., Ltd. and Haitian Plastics Machinery Guangzhou Co., Ltd., Xu Haihui, General Manager of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group South China Company and Miao Longzhen, Deputy General Manager of Haitian Plastics Machinery Group South China Company attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

Along with the applause, all leaders and guests took to the stage for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to witness the grand opening of Haitian Eastern Operation Center Southeast China. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, painting the eyes of the dancing lion, meaning auspicious, brought the site atmosphere to a high point.

Plan a region from a global perspective, and serve the global with a region. Dongguan, an important manufacturing area in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, has strong manufacturing strength, complete industrial system and obvious geographical advantages. Therefore, the establishment of Haitian Eastern Operation Center Southeast China in Dongguan will not only further improve the sales and service layout in South China, but also radiate to cities such as Dongguan, Shenzhen and Huizhou on the East Bank of the Pearl River, thus bringing more convenient and intimate product service experience and overall solutions to local customers, and greatly improving the comprehensive service capacity of Haitian Eastern South China.


With a broad market space, South China is the key strategic market and development center of Haitian. In March last year, the Haitian Comprehensive South China Headquarters Project was launched in Shunde, Guangdong, opening the “double center” model of Ningbo and South China. The Eastern South China Operation Center is another subsidiary of Haitian in South China, which will further improve the regional service system of Haitian in South China.

All is ready. As a key component for Haitian to deeply cultivate in the South China market continuously, Haitian Eastern Operation Center Southeast China will complement each other and gather a strong joint force. With more meticulous and considerate service, Haitian will bring the ultimate product experience to more customers in South China, deploy more high-quality projects in South China and work with local customers to develop and create the future together.