EventsLeadership in the standard-segment – Haitian’s strategy is proving to be successful

By focusing on standard injection-molding, Haitian International has made its position clear.

“Technology to the point” is the declared product strategy – using the greatest possible efficiency combined with concrete gain for the processor. The acclaims received from the K Show vindicate the course taken.

At their most successful K Show so far, Haitian and Zhafir were rewarded with intensive conversations with customers and partners as well as with numerous new contacts. Visitors from 32 countries came to the stand to see for themselves the economic and other production-related advantages of “Machine Generation II”. On view were two servo-hydraulic and two fully electric construction series, including the new two-platen Jupiter II Series and the fully electric Venus II Series.

Mr. Zhang Jianming, CEO of Haitian International Holding, draws the following thoroughly positive conclusion: “I am extremely satisfied with our attendance at the Show and its positive reception. Especially since, with our focus on efficient solutions for the standard molding segment, we have clearly met the needs of the market. In addition, our rigorous attention to profitability puts us consistently on the right path.” The intent has been clearly formulated: Haitian International is not content simply to continue to confirm its market leadership in the field of plastics injection-molding machines, but also to expand it in the medium term. “More than ever before we will concentrate on what we are good at, and on what has brought us success: standard machines that do an excellent job of fulfilling the core functions of injection-molding technology”, says Mr. Zhang.

What is striking is not just the large number of visitors to the stand, a sharp increase of almost 50% compared with 2010, but as Professor h.c. Dipl.-Ing. Helmar Franz, Chief Strategy Officer and board member of Haitian International, says in summary: “Above all, it is the higher quality of the conversations we had with customers that makes it a success. We held intensive discussions not only with several large internationally established processors but also with smaller molding companies. All of them were enthusiastic about the efficiency of our machines. For, in our opinion, true efficiency comes only from a combination of quality machines, low investment costs, and great savings in energy and resources.” By the end of the K-Show, several specific orders had been placed and agreements made regarding dates for mold tests at the Nuremberg and Ebermannsdorf subsidiaries. Haitian’s head cook, Mr. Liu Daofa, and his culinary team also had their hands full, delighting visitors each day with a 3-course Chinese menu served at the stand.

“This success at K-Show is clearly a team success”, says Mr. Zhang. “We owe thanks to all those involved, both to our colleagues and also to the mold makers, material suppliers, and automation experts. We are highly motivated and feel corroborated in what we are doing and how we do it. The next steps will be to continue to optimize our production series, making them even more efficient, more ergonomic, and more profitable on the one hand, and on the other to ultimately implement new ideas in our new production centers. The market should have high expectations.”