EventsComplete Success – Zhafir Medical Open House 2013

September 6, 2013, was a special day: Zhafir in Ningbo, China organized an in-house exhibition specially tailored to a single market sector for the very first time.

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    Opening speech of Professor Helmar Franz

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    About 200 plastics processors visited the Inhouse-Exhibition of Zhafir

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    Mr. Zhang Jianfeng in interesting discussions with potential customers

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    From left: Mr. Weng Tiejian, General Manager of JT Technology and the Deputy General Manager of Zhafir Ningbo, Mr. Qin Mingbo

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    From left: Professor Franz and Mr. Chen Zhifa, Owner of Tianjin Medical Company

The focus was on the Venus and Mercury Series for the medical industry. It was not only about showing off the machines, but more about communications and contacts, cooperation, and new possibilities. More than 200 customers and business partners accepted the invitation and met in Haitian International’s Exhibition-Center in Ningbo. It was a real industry event, attended by numerous plastic processors and Chinese turnkey partners in the medical industry, and also by renowned tool manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology systems in China.  Seven Venus II Series machines were prepared for the exhibition, with clamping forces of 900 kN to 5500 kN, plus a 1000 kN Mercury Series machine.  All of them produced standard segment medical parts.

“Medical applications in China are moving increasingly towards plastic.  Many molded parts that used to be manufactured from glass until very recently are now produced from plastic” explains Mr. Zhang Jianfeng, Member of the Board and responsible for Haitian International’s trade in China, when asked why the company management organized an in-house exhibition specifically aimed at one sector of the industry.  “With regard to quality standards, the guidelines are becoming ever stricter and they demand overall project supervision, from tool design to machine design and right up to the complete production cell with all its certifications.  Here, together with our system partners, we offer customers complete support.”

For some time now, our sales teams have been receiving ongoing training so that they can offer customers comprehensive advice in this regard.  Also in this connection, Zhafir is taking on a pioneering role in China.  “If we can trust the judgment and statements of many customers we are head and shoulders above all other Chinese machine manufacturers, and can also match the Japanese competition without any problem.  Moreover, the solutions we offer are far more reasonably-priced.” 

Mr. Weng Tiejian, General Manager of JT Mold Technology from Jiangsu Province, and one of Zhafir’s mold design partners, also sees a big demand for technical support.  “Close cooperation with the machine manufacturer and the automation specialists is essential and highly effective particularly in the medical field.  This in-house exhibition is the ideal platform for us to provide integrated consulting. We have had many good conversations and even closed some new business on site.”  When asked about the quality of Zhafir’s machines by international comparison, he adds: “We have already been working together for a long time with Japanese and also European machine manufacturers, but when it comes to standard segment medical components, in my opinion the Venus Series has the greatest potential:  high performance, rapid delivery times, and balanced cost effectiveness.”

On the whole, all visitors to the exhibition were offered a diverse program.  After the live demonstrations of the machines at the Expo-Center, they had the opportunity first to visit Factory 11, currently Haitian’s largest production plant, and then the factory of Zhafir in Ningbo. Here, Zhafir’s engineers presented new technical solutions and explained numerous technical details before responding to the many questions asked by the attentive guests. Feedback and interest in the new solutions were so great that the customer support and marketing teams actually took down new orders on site!  But that’s not the only reason why Zhafir’s management was so fully satisfied with the in-house exhibition event.  Prof. Helmar Franz, the Chairman of Zhafir explained: “This extremely successful event was once more endorsed our strategy, that fully electric machines have an enormous future potential. This is – of course – especially obvious valid in the medical industry. It has also confirmed the early holistic consideration of the machine and the mold technology. This makes it possible to creat cost effective standard application. It has been delightfully obvious. This approach of Zhafir meets great interest.”

Mr. Chen Zhifa of the Tianjin Xingda Medical Company also gave a positive summation: “Today’s event has convinced us once and for all. And not only us for sure.  We have been supplying the medical industry for more than 20 years, including overseas, so we are of course being tested and certified on a continual basis.  So we no longer see any other alternative to converting to fully electrical machines in the future.  They are cleaner and more precise.  With Haitian and more than 60 Mars machines, we have gained positive experience; we have been a customer for many years.  Now we are convinced that the Zhafir Venus Series is the best solution for us.  The price/performance ratio is tailored exactly to our needs and Zhafir have clearly demonstrated today that they, together with their partners, can offer professional support for our medical products.  We shall now run specific tests on the Venus machine, and we are proceeding from the assumption that we will gradually replace all our hydraulic machines with the Venus Series.”

Mr. Qin Mingbo, Deputy General Manager of Zhafir Ningbo, summarize: “This in-house exhibition has achieved a complete success. Featuring clean, highly efficient and energy saving, the fully electric injection molding solution has developed into a major trend for upgrade of the standard medical packaging industry. Our production concept and machinery performance as demonstrated has been widely recognized among the customers and we have already received their active response. This even also helps to further enhance the acknowledgement of Zhafir brand among our customer base."