On September 16, 2021, the Haitian Experience Center officially opened in Ningbo, China. The The venue creates an interactive experience that spans the history of Haitian, the present and the future.

On around 500 square meters at the Haitian Group headquarters in Ningbo, China, customers, partners and other visitors are now able to experience the Haitian brand up close. The showroom covers different topics such as Haitian’s origins, the branding of the individual divisions, their business areas as well as general brand values and company insights, future developmentsand many more. The individual topics are brought to life by a combination of state of the art technology such as interactive videos, virtual and physical objects, pictures and texts. The guided tour takes about 20-30 minutes and will be offered in several languages in the future.

With the Experience Center, Haitian not only provides an insight into the current operations of the individual divisions, but above all allows its visitors an outlook on its future developments especially in the digital sector. The showroom thus symbolizes the transformation of the company from a classic machine manufacturer to an innovative digital company, which has already begun.

Haitian welcomes all of its visitors to take a tour of the showroom.